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These are the speakers of TEDxHornstull. We will also show two official TEDtalks.

Dr Nafeez Mosadeqq Ahmed

Chief Research Officer, Unitas Communications

Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed is a bestselling author, international security analyst and consultant. He is Chief Research Officer at Unitas Communications and founder and president of the Institute for Policy Research & Development (IPRD). IPRD focuses on the study of violent conflict in the context of global crises concerning environmental, energy and economic-related questions. Dr. Nafeez Ahmed Mosaddeqq has published several books and taught international politics, contemporary history and globalization issues at the University of Sussex’s School of Global Studies. He is co-producer of the documentary Crisis of civilization (released in 2010) that shows the relationship between the different crises that threaten our civilization.

Rebecka Carlsson

Spokesperson for the Green Youth

Rebecka Carlsson is since 2011 one of two spokespersons for the Green Youth, which is the youth organization of the Green Party in Sweden. She has also been the Swedish Youth Representative to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development. Rebecka has written a chapter in the anthology Fördomar, form och framtid – reflektioner om kooperation från unga politiker och kooperatörer (published by Sektor3 2012) and is a frequent commentator and writer in several forums. Right now she is working on a book on alternative welfare measurement.




Lars Wilderäng

Blogger, writer and lecturer

Lars Wilderäng is a Swedish blogger, writer and lecturer. He runs the blog Cornucopia? Perpetual growth in a finite world? which is the largest Swedish independent blog in finance, economics and environment, and one of the largest in politics. Lars has published the book Midvintermörker (Midwinter darkness) and is a frequent lecturer. He is also a member of the network Step 3, which works with questions concerning sustainable economy and alternatives to economic growth.






Per Ribbing

M. Sc. in engineering physics, Swedish Wind Energy Cooperative (SVEF)

Per Ribbing has a M. Sc. in engineering physics and is now a PhD student at Ångströmlab, University of Uppsala. Previously, he worked with the Swedish ecolabel Svanen, and he has also worked with energy-related questions at the SSNC head office and as an environmental consultant at SWECO. He has several nonprofit missions, including being a board member of the Swedish Wind Energy Cooperative and a part of The Natural Step professional network Engineers for Environment and Artists for the Environment. He is a frequent lecturer, especially on environmental issues and sustainable energy solutions.




Anna Nygård

Activist involved in the Scandinavian public transport network

Anna Nygård is an activist involved in the Scandinavian public transport network (translated:, since the network was founded in Stockholm, Sweden eleven years ago. She is also one of the co-authors of Trafikmaktordningen (The Traffic Hierarchy),published in 2011 by Korpen Koloni. started as an attempt to unionize public transport commuters in a fare strike, and has since grown into an international movement.By demanding everyone’s right to the public urban space and advocating a user perspective on commuting, the network has not only succeeded in politicizing the issue of every day fare-dodging, it has also become a vital voice in the debate on traffic policies.